Papa 'Akolea

Instructor(s): Miki'ala Lidstone, Kalama Pastor

Level: See class description for level information.

This is our adult session class. For adults of all ages.

Session II:               Moku o Keawe (hula for Hawai‘i island)

Class:                       Papa 'Akolea

Times:                      7 - 8 PM

Dates:                     June 25 – August 13

Cost:                         $70 (please make check payable to Ulu A'e Learning Center)

Description: This session is inspired by the forces that have impacted Hawai'i island. The hope is that through our hula we send love, courage and healing to all those affected by the lava flow and other land and life altering forces like rapid ohi‘a death and the floods and storms. We’ll start with Maddy Lam and Bill Lincoln’s composition, Halema'uma'u and then move towards Hilo for an upbeat hula entitled Hilo Hula.