Performance Team - Helium (Tiny ages 3-6)

Instructor(s): Mikayla Brainard, Brittany Coshenet

Level: All Star Exhibition

3-6 years old? Love to jump around and be active?! Want to have FUN?! Team Helium is perfect for a beginner cheerleader that wants to experience the sport of all star cheerleading!

• 1 - 50 minute practice/wk – Wednesday 6:00-6:50 PM

• 2 Performances - Preliminary schedule with be given out at the first practice on March 6th.

• Tuition: $45/month

• Uniform Fee $90 - Due by cash or check at the first practice on March 6th.

    *Cheer shoes will be required but you are welcome to use any cheer shoes you want.

Our main focus at this level is to create a fun, developmental environment for young children who would like to learn more about cheerleading. During their practices, our youngest athletes learn the basics of all star cheerleading. The Tiny team starts in March and ends in mid-November. We will be working on tumbling technique, basics of stunting, motions, body awareness and following direction. Our Tiny Team will do two exhibition performances, one each in October and November.

Helium's first practice and informational parent meeting will be March 6th from 6-6:50pm.