SuperKids Beginning Tumbling - Mon. 6-6:45pm (Ages 3yrs-4yrs)

Instructor(s): Krysti Konopacky, Marnie Reese

Level: Tumbling - Beginner

SuperKids Beginning Tumbling – (Ages 3-4)

There are no prerequisites for this class. This class will focus on basic motor development and beginning tumbling skills. Your athlete will focus on proper execution of these skills and must show mastery of each skill to graduate to SuperKids Intermediate.


Skills Learned\Worked:

⋆  Basic Motor Development

⋆  Basic Body Positions (Pike, Tuck, Straddle, Straight/Extended)

⋆  Forward Roll

⋆  Straddle Forward Roll

⋆  L Stand

⋆  Table Top

⋆  Tumbling Lunge