Acro & Tumbling: Youth & Junior

Instructor(s): Bre Lonnecker

Level: Beginning

Acro & Tumbling: Senior is a class for girls that have their fulls on floor and working towards their 1.5.  They also need their standing tuck on floor and have a solid straddle jump.  We will teach the acro in the class along with the stunting.  the class is 2 hrs 5 times a week.

Acro & Tumbling is a newer sport in the field of gymnastics.  It falls under the USA gymnastic sport and the competitions are sanctioned competitions under the sport.  This sport is a great way for gymnastics to stay in the sport and gymnastics, but have an opportunity to learn a new aspect of it.  This is a team sport.  The girls are judged based of the technical aspects of tumbling and acro gymnastics.  If you love the feel of cheerleading you'll love this sport!

Opportunity to perform twice a year. Uniform purchase required for performances. 

Cheer shoes are encouraged. No street shoes allowed!