Creative World Cross Creek Group 2 (Pandas, Cheetas, White Tigers,)

Mr. Tommy's Mobile Music Bus is an ongoing Music and Exercise program that is educational, fun, and very active. We change the style of Music that we study every two weeks and bring in a featured instrument that corresponds to that style. Each week we study music notation and note values, and we are constantly counting these cadences out loud as we move through the "events" in each session. Each week we work with some of the many different instruments that we in stock like drums (tom toms, bongos, tall toms, floor toms etc..), tambourines, shakers, bells, and the list goes on and on.. The sessions move very fast from one event to the next and this makes it very, very exciting and fun.

The goal of the classes is to provide a developmentally appropriate approach to early childhood music education by introducing children to, inspire and give them hands on Involvement in the world of music!