March Break 2020 - HALF DAYS


March 16-20th, 2020   

9:00 am – 12:15 pm   or   12:30 pm – 3:45 pm    l   All Materials Included 


INSIDE OUT: the micro and macro world around us! Plants, Bugs, People!

Join us for an unforgettable week of fun, art, and self-expression! During this one week March Break Camp, students from ages 3-12 will learn how to see things in a different way.


Examining the world in the micro and the macro before drawing it will make a difference. Join us in exploring anatomy, botany (the study of plants) and entomology (the study of insects). Looking through microscopes, looking at structures and skeletal systems prior to creating.


An additional focus of the camp is to enhance the student's appreciation and understanding of classical music, which has been proven to boost memory and spark creativity.

Please be sure to send the appropriate NUT FREE lunches, snacks, and water bottles with your OAS Camper! No one is happy if they are hungry.


Mon, Mar 16: A Bee’s World

Tues, Mar 17: Pine Trees: Needles & Stems

Wed, Mar 18: Being Human: Our Cells & Bones

Thur, Mar 19: Sunflowers: Stems & Petals

Fri, Mar 20: Onions: 1,000 layers

1 half day    =  $ 70 + HST

2 half days  =  $100 + HST

3 half days  =  $135 + HST

4 half days  =  $170 + HST

5 half days  =  $210 + HST