Bandits - FALL 19 (Inactive)


Level: Rec T&T : Bandits

8/20-11/5 12 CLASSES PLUS A ONE CLASS MAKEUP 11/12 IF APPLICABLE.  Please review age and skills ability outline before registering. 

Levels 1-2 Beginner – Novice/Kindergarten + Level 1: This class is for athletes currently working on basic tumbling skills including rolls, cartwheels, round offs, limbers & walkovers & beginning trampoline skills. Level 2: This class is for athletes who have mastered level 1 skills and are currently working on back handsprings and round off back handsprings. $165 for the Term 

All Students will be charged an registration fee of $25 (maximum of $50 per family) the first time they register for classes at Outlaw Athletics. This fee will be assessed after online registration and payable on the first day of class.  We will accept cash, credit or check payments.  Please make checks payable to Outlaw Athletics.