GYM WARRIORS (CoEd) - (Age 5-7)

Instructor(s): Steve Needham, Mike O'Donnell

Level: Recreational

Our Gym Warrior Class is a Ninja Warrior inspired cross training program suitable for ages 5-7.

The Gym Warrior program teaches strength, agility, balance and coordination through gymnastics fundamentals circuit training and fast paced obstacle challenges. A program that makes fitness fun in a positive, motivational setting.

The focus of the Palaestra Gymnastics Academy Recreational Program, is to nurture the essential skills of self-confidence, self-esteem, and mental discipline. Teamwork, respect for others, physical training and technique are always emphasized. This is the key to developing our students into happy, productive and successful young adults.

Palaestra Gymnastics Academy's philosophy is what separates us from all the rest! We concentrate on more than just gymnastics!