CLASS - SILVER, WED 6:05pm (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Dre Ogelton

Level: Class 2

The athlete will successfully master the round off back handspring and the standing back handspring. The athlete will begin an introduction to the back tuck. The athlete will begin skills that will help their bodies develop to be a strong tumbler and cheerleader. Tumble Two Course Objectives: 1) A round off two back handsprings rebound 2) A standing two back handsprings 3) A round off back handspring from the knee 4) A round off hollow into the pit 5) A handstand forward roll with bent arms and straight arms 6) A back extension roll on the cheese with bent and straight arms 7) A Forward Roll (Tuck, Straddle, and Pike Positions) 8) A front handspring Next Level Class: Tumble Three