FALL - SPRING 2019/20 Tumble Weed 1 TH@7

Level: Preschool gymnastics

Tumble weed 1 - ages 3 -4 years.

Our preschool gymnastic program is for ages birth to 5. Through this program your little one will develop motor skills, basic muscle coordination, and friendships. Classes will include weekly themes and skills. Every class will include lots of fun and prizes.

Our state of the art Preschool Gym is full of equipment that is designed and built for the little gymnast. We are excited to offer all of our preschool classes in this separate gym area to alleviate the distraction caused by other classes and team activities. This allows both you and your little one to concentrate on the tasks instructed in each class as well as provide a more enjoyable learning environment.

This class introduces basic gymnastics skills and concepts in a safe, fun and enjoyable learning environment.  Social interaction and goal oriented progression will help develop self-esteem.