Beginner 2 - Primary Skills (Sept 7 - Dec 21) NO CLASS 11/30

Level: Beginner 2 - Primary Skills

Swimmers should be able to propel on front with out aid 4 – 6 feet. Continue to learn: floating and kicking on front and back. Submerge with eyes open. Begin to develop rhythmic breathing. Combined stroke on front and back (arms and legs coordination. Push off wall, glide, kick and exhale 4 – 7 yards. Jumps and sitting dives.

St Bartholomew’s Church: (325 Park Ave, 10022)
Temperature: 86 degrees

How to Enter:  Enter at 325 Park Avenue and walk through the chapel on the right, through a set of doors and to the elevators. The pool and locker rooms are located on the lower level of the recreational area, at the end of the hallway to the left. Seating for caretakers and families  is available on the pool deck.

Facility Rules:

  1. Children over the age of 6 must use same sex locker rooms.

  2. All families must enter and exit through their respective locker rooms.

  3. Strollers and street shoes are prohibited on the pool deck.

  4. No food or drink is permitted in the pool area.

  5. Swimmers who are not fully toilet trained are required to wear a swim diaper in addition to a bathing suit.

  6. Changing on deck is not permitted, all swimmers must change in the locker rooms.

  7. Swimming caps must be worn by all swimmers.