Strength Training

Strength training class includes both cardio and strength segments.  Calorie burning, high intensity and sculpting your body all while having fun!  Total conditioning using a variety of different moves while maintaining stability and strength.  
(Please bring a mat for cool-down.)
Kim has been a certified group fitness instructor since 2017.  She became a Beachbody coach, PiYo and TurboKick instructor after falling in love with the program.  She has taught at the Naz and Physique Fitness Studio in Grove City.  Along with being passionate about health and fitness, she has been a RT for over 15 years and is currently a clinical specialist for Avinger out of Redwood City, CA.  Kim is married to Jami and has a son Harrison.  They are active on the coffee team at the Naz and foster/volunteer for Rescued Ohio.  Her motto is encourage each other and don't judge, be accepting and up-lifting.