2020 Jun 29-Jul 3 Summer Camp - Ages 7-12: Minecraft Coding: How to train your turtle + Badminton - At OBA


At OBA: Half Day (Morning) Summer Camp: Minecraft Coding: How to train your turtle + Badminton (Ages 7-12)


Time :      9:00am -5:00pm

Location: 5805 SW 107th Ave, Beaverton, OR 97005

Phone:    503-914-9995

Full Day Tuition: $328

Half Day Tuition:   $168 





Program Details:
Engineering for Kids only responsible for Morning Session.
From 12PM-5PM program will be covered with OBA, for afternoon session camp questions, please contact with info@orbadminton.com
Link: http://www.orbadminton.com/camp/
A Sample Daily Schedule:
8:30AM-8:55AM Free Before Care Offered by OBA
8:55AM-9:00AM Sign in stops at 8:55AM to be ready for 9AM class.
9:00AM-12:00AM EFK Program

Morning Session

MineCraft Coding: How to Train Your Turtle
MineCraft is a lot of fun, but mining and building by hand can take a long time. In this class you will learn how to program a helper robot called a “turtle” to do those tasks for you. This is a great introduction to the idea of coding, because it’s done using a simple visual language in a game kids already love to play. The coding starts simple and gets progressively more complicated as the class goes on. Let’s see how much you can get your ‘turtle’ to do!


Afternoon Session:

Participants will have an opportunity to learn and improve a variety of skills for badminton in a fun and exciting environment, led by the OBA experienced badminton coach.
All camp participants will have the opportunity to: • Learn/Improve skills including: strokes, footwork and strategy for game play • Meet new friends and work in a team environment • Challenge their abilities with a variety of games/challenges and competitions • Have FUN while staying active! • Receive tips and advice from our experienced and knowledgeable coaching team.


Email: portlandmetro@engineeringforkids.net




On the final day of camp, families are encouraged to come for the last hour. It’s a great chance for campers to show off everything they’ve made and learned in the camp.