2020 "Springers Bronze" 60mins 7 - 11 y/o

Level: Springers Bronze - 7-11 y/o

General Gymnastics has been developed for children aged 7 – 11 years old. The program teaches children basic gymnastics skills and progresses through to more advanced skills in a fun, positive and encouraging environment. General Gymnastics combines structured activities with the focus on Dominant Movement Patterns (DMP). The Dominant Movement Patterns are Spring, Rotation, Statics, Landings, Locomotion and Swing. These DMP’s have been developed to assist in the sound physical development of children and cater for all ability levels.

The General Gymnastics program offers a great base for gymnastics and allows gymnasts to progress at their own rate, whilst maintaining a strong emphasis on fun.

All General Gymnastics classes include a warm up, flexibility and strength activities, gymnastics shapes and structured circuits.

The class is called “Springers” and is divided into 3 levels; with all gymnasts starting at Bronze moving their way up to Silver and then Gold.