3-4 year olds (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Jena Hall, Nicki Rivera

Level: Peppermint (3 year olds)


**Help from parent as needed**

In this class, your child will be ready to be on his/her own without a parent. This age group uses a mix of child directed activities and instructor directed stations. Worried about your child not doing well without a parent? Don't worry, we will work with you to find the best situation for your child. 

Your child's class will incorporate: 

©     Listening, following directions and taking turns.

©    Beginner – basic tumbling positions and age appropriate skills on a variety of gymnastics equipment.

©     Rhythms and musical activities that develop listening and coordination skills.

©     Trampoline safety and progressions.

©     Upper body strength development.

©     Ball handling skills to develop eye/hand, eye/foot coordination.