4-5 year olds (Inactive)

Level: Peppermint (4-5 year old)

 **Gymnasts will be in 4k in fall 2019**

At or around age 4 you will see children showing more body awareness, longer attention span and increased listening which enables them to begin learning more skills. Classes consist of stationary and moving balance, supporting and transferring weight, and landing, hanging, swinging, climbing and sliding.  Skills and drills are introduced in a progressive manner.  Special equipment, musical activities, games and props help to create a fun and interesting class. 

Your child's class will incorporate:

©     Age appropriate gymnastics on low beam, bars, rings, tumbling progressions, vault technique.

©     Rhythms and musical activities that develop listening and coordination skills.

©     Trampoline safety and progressions.

©     Upper body strength development.

©     Ball handling skills to develop eye/hand, eye/foot coordination.