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If registering online, please be aware that payment will be taken, in full, from the credit card information on file upon registration being received. If you need to set up a payment plan, you must notate this in your registration. 

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IF YOU'RE A BRAND NEW CUSTOMER, please click the 'new account' link below. 

IF YOU'RE A CURRENT/RETURNING CUSTOMER, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT. If you do, you will have duplicate accounts in the system. Click on the 'forgot password' link to have your password e-mailed to you. You must have your e-mail on file to have your password resent to you. Not sure what to do? Give us a call! (262) 634-2344

PLEASE NOTE: Registering for classes online can take 2 or more business days.  Your registration is not final unless you receive confirmation via email.  Call the office if it has been a few days since you made your request.  

 Fall Session 2019

Sept. 4 -  Nov. 19 (no class Sept. 27-28)


 To complete the registration process online, you need to provide a credit card number. Our system will NOT allow registrations online without payment information.  You can view the schedule without registering.  Select the session first, otherwise you will see classes for more than one session.

*Payment is required when registering for class. 

You can pay 1/2 the tuition by requesting a payment plan.

If you want to pay half of the tuition up front: THIS MUST BE NOTED IN THE "NOTES" SECTION OF REGISTRATION OR THE FULL AMOUNT WILL BE CHARGED.  Call if you have a question about the payment policies 262-634-2344.

**class tuition information is located with each class schedule on the "class filter" page of the parent portal. 

When we receive your registration, our office staff with review your enrollment, apply any tuition discounts and then process your payment on the credit card provided. You will receive a confirmation e-mail or receipt for payment when your enrollment is processed. Remember, if you don't get a receipt or confirmation email  - call the office.