Wed (Ages 3 - 4) 4:30 Tumblebugs

Instructor(s): Kianna Hatfield

3-4  year old classes are designed to encourage participation, cooperation and increase social behavior.  Using creative themes, we spend each week on a new adventure. Ready Set Go uses the nationally recognized Tumblebug Trampoline,Tumbling and Gymnastics program designed especially for preschool age children. The class will work each week on trampoline, tumbling, bars and balance beam. On trampoline, the children will learn position jumps such as tuck, straddle and pike, different body drops, and skill combinations. The tumbling portion of the class will feature an obstacle course that is designed to encourage progressions for all basic skills such as front rolls, bak rolls straddle rolls, hand stands, cartwheels and a variety of other skills. On balance beams, the class will work on basic arm positions while walking forward, backward and sideways. They will also work on hopping, skipping and scales. The portion of the class spent on bars will feature hanging from the bars in tuck, straddle, pike and straight position. Swinging, hip holds, front hip circles and back hip circles are also just a few progressions that the class will work on to help increase coordination and strength.