Trampoline & Tumbling Intermediate

Instructor(s): Bryson Blad

Level: Intermediate

Trampoline & Tumbling Intermediate. Must have completed the Advanced Beginner certificate in the Gym Stars Program or have instructor approval to register for this class. Students must have the following prerequisites: Forward Roll, Backward Roll, Handstand, Cartwheel, Roundoff, Handstand Bridge and Backbend for tumbling. Straight, Tuck, Pike, Straddle Jumps, Stomach Drop and Doggie Drop on the trampoline. Students in Intermediate will learn: 1-Arm Cartwheel, Front Walkover, Back Walkover, Front Handspring and intermediate stages of the Backhandspring on tumbling. Seat Drop 1/2 Twist, Back Drop and Seat Drop-Doggie Drop-Forward Roll on the trampoline. A registration fee and $35 class uniform are required.

Classes will begin the week of September 1, 2019 and will end the week of May 29, 2020. Please visit to view all class closures.