Boys Gymnastics Level 1

Instructor(s): Eric Cuevas

Level: 1

The primary objective of the Rogue Boys Gymnastics Program is to develop Strength and Air awareness in a safe, and fun atmosphere. The majority of the class will be spent building support strength, such as on the rings, handstand strength, and pull up/hanging strength. Abndominal Strength is also largely incorporated in this process. These are the key areas needed to eventually develop a child to progress in the sport. Air awareness is the development of a child's ability to move through rotations safely and comfortably. In the recreational program this is developed through rolls, handstands, and trampoline. These areas all together will develop at different rates for different children, and we strive our best to help all of our athletes grow safely and adequately. Feel free to ask any questions, and thank you for considering gymnastics here at rogue.