Instructor(s): Kassandra Bursch-Gupta


Available Classes
Hatha Yoga: Hatha is the most basic and traditional form of yoga practice. This class is
great both for beginners, and those who have been practicing for a while. In this class
we will focus on feeling the breath, while learning some of the most basic yoga
postures. If you are looking for a relaxing class that will help to improve flexibility, and
reduce stress, this is the perfect class for you.

Vinyasa Yoga: Vinyasa is a style of yoga that strongly encourages the movement of the
body with the flow of the breath. In this style you may break a sweat, as we move
continuously from one pose to the next, holding, and perfecting poses. You will see
many of the same poses as in Hatha Yoga, however, preformed in combinations in a
continuous stream of movement. Recommended for those who feel confident in their

Dance Yoga: In this class I have fused my love for yoga with my love of dance. Learn
simple, fun, and creative dance combinations, that will incorporate many popular and
beneficial yoga poses. Learn dance combinations with yoga postures, as they are
choreographed to enjoyable music.
Yoga for all Body Types: This class has something for everyone. If you are unsure if
yoga is for you, give this class a try! I will work individually with each member of the
class on personal fitness goals, prior injuries, etc. This class will use props to help with
postures, and boost confidence.

Mommy and Me Yoga: Bring Baby for this lighthearted interactive yoga class! In this
class Mommy will learn how to incorporate Baby into some traditional yoga postures.
Holding, balancing, rocking, and relaxing with your baby will all be a part of this class.
Gentle music and relaxation at the end to help you both relax.

Yoga for ADHD and other Special Needs: If your child has a special need, or just
needs a place to destress from the pressures of school, this is a great class.This class
will center around breathing exercises, postures that are known to increase focus, and
stimulate the central nervous system. I will work individually with each member of the
class on personal goals as we focus on the calming and therapeutic effects of yoga.
I personally have many years experience teaching children with special needs, including
ADHD, autism, aspergers, down syndrome, physical handicaps, learning disabilities,
ODD, MD etc.

Chair and Wheelchair Yoga: This class is ideal for seniors, who may not feel
comfortable getting down on the ground, or for those who are wheelchair bound. I have
extensive experience teaching chair yoga, and know that practicing yoga in a chair can
be just as rewarding and enjoyable as other forms of yoga. Learn many yogic postures
while sitting in your chair, or using it as a prop. This class is wonderful for those who
may have recently had a surgery, or are suffering from illness.


Drop-in price:  $20
Pre-Paid 1 per week, 4 per month: $70
Pre-Paid 2 per week, 8 per month: $120

This class is paid to the instructor.
Feel free to call or email for details!