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Welcome to Shepard Swim School.  We are excited to offer the best year round curriculum and only certified swim school in Allen County.  Preventing drowning for children and adults is our main goal!  Swimming is a life saving skill that everyone needs to learn and we love to instill the love of swimming to each student at Shepard Swim School.


Our Swim Lessons are perpetual which are billed monthly and you will stay enrolled until you give a 30 day notice by submitting a withdrawal form. You choose your start and stop date, this helps students to progress through the levels when they are ready!

You may enroll anytime at Shepard, if starting in the middle of a month your tuition will be pro-rated.  All tuitions are billed on the 1st of every month. 

To calculate your tuition each month use the following formula:  # of classes X's $20.00 (first child) $19.00 (second child) $18.00 (third child) $17.00 (fourth child) = monthly fee.  There is a $30.00 annual registration fee per student enrolled.  New classes are created and students are enrolled everyday throughout the year.

A typical monthly tuition is $80.00 a month (based on 4 class days in a month)