Waterbabies/Waterbabies +

Instructor(s): Cora Campanello

Level: Waterbabies

Waterbabies:  (2-35 months)  One parent/adult must be in the water and wear a shirt over his/her swim attire.  Learning through songs, interactive games, and group activities appeals to a child’s sense of curiosity, wonder and play.  This is all complimented by colorful toys and other engaging aquatic apparatus.  Babies and toddlers increase confidence and learn to submerge comfortably with eight-ten second breath control.  Final Goals *Comfort in Water, Wet Jump and Turn, Comfort on Back and 8-10 second Breath Control. 

Waterbabies +:  (6 -35 months)  Parents must be in the water and wear a shirt over his/her attire.  This class is for babies and toddlers who can already submerge comfortably for eight to ten seconds and have mastered Waterbabies Final Goals.  Toddlers are challenged to be more independent in a fun environment.  Final Goals *Wet Peek-a-Boo Turn and Grab, *Wall Hang, *Backfloat, *Independent Kicking 5 Feet, *Begins Rollover Breath  (Waterbabies and Waterbabies + are in the same class but different swimming techniques are taught)