GymSkills (7-9 years) Sat 10:40am - 12:00pm

This class is perfect for kids who are 7-17 years of age who want to learn gymnastics in a fun and supportive environment. Classes are age based (7-9, 9-14 and 12-17), so kids can participate with their friends. It is a skill-based, non-competitive gymnastics class suitable for beginners and those with some experience. We provide opportunities for kids to develop skills on the floor, bars, beam and trampoline, as well as some team-based acrobatic gymnastics skills. This class has a strong focus on giving children the opportunity to take responsibility for their learning, as well as to develop leadership and team working skills. 

Our GymSkills classes are designed to help create well-rounded individuals that are confident and competent risk takers who are willing to venture out of their comfort zone to try new skills in a safe environment. They are given the tools to take ownership of their own health and well-being through activities like helping to lead the warm-ups, as well as completing weekly conditioning exercises to build up the necessary physical preparation for more advanced skills.

Using our unique levels system, we introduce challenging skills and drills when each athlete is ready. We encourage athletes to set goals and take responsibility for working hard towards achieving them.

Kids in this program are given the opportunity to increase their confidence and competence in movement, preparing them for a wide range of sports and activities. Using gymnastics achievements to build these qualities enhances a child’s resiliency and ability to excel in any sport or situation.