NinjaFun - Fri 4:00pm - 5:00pm

This class is perfect for kids attending primary school, aged 5-7 years. It is a super fun, fundamental movement class that provides children with the opportunity to develop a love of movement while improving their strength, core stability, fitness and fundamental movement skills like running, jumping and landing, swinging, climbing, rolling, balancing and more. It is perfect for kids with lots of energy who are looking to boost their coordination, strength and athleticism. As well as building physical skills, kids develop a ninja focus by training respect, discipline, cooperation and character. They learn to go over, under, around or through any obstacle in their path, physical or psychological.

At Skylark Sports we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to participate in gymnastics. It is a foundation sport that provides children with a great base for future physical pursuits, as well as developing brain connections that are essential for academic development. Our ninja program essentially hides gymnastics skills in a super fun, fast paced program that kids love. The focus isn’t on perfecting gymnastics skills, but on getting the same benefits in a different way.