14. Advanced Gym Kids Tues 5:45

Level: Advanced

**Gymnast must have completed Level 3 on all events in our Can Do Skill Program to register for this class**


Our Advanced Gym Kids program is for gymnasts 8 years and older that have complete Our Can Do Skill Program level 3.  These classes are ninety minutes long and meet once per week. In this program the emphasis is on proper skill development and skill progression.  Each child’s skill progression is guided by our CAN DO Program.  This program consists of 5 levels per event (Vault, Bars, Beam, and Floor).  Awards are given many times per year for the completion of each level. The frequency of the awards in this program helps to foster self confidence, hard work, and the belief that they CAN DO anything they put their mind to.

Cost: $75 per 4 weeks

Duration: 90 minutes

Age: 8 years old and up