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Welcome to Splitz Gymnastics Online Registration ~ Getting Started: 

We are so glad you stopped by! 

Classes: Our gymnastics programs are continuous and run 12 months of the year. Participants are welcome to join or drop a class at any time. Monthly tuition is processed through Autopay or E-Cheque on the 1st of every month. Once a drop request is received, we process the final months tuition. Your child may attend their final classes and you no longer have any financial obligations.

Create a family account: By creating an account you will be able to register quickly for any of our programming at any time. Simply;

1. Enter your family details.

2. Add your Visa/MasterCard/Debit Card/E-Cheque information into “Autopay”.

Payment options for monthly tuition include:

1) AutoPay with Visa/MasterCard/Debit Card ~ Credit Card information can be submitted through the parent portal, over the phone or in person at our office. *A 2% convenience fee is applied to all monthly tuition processed through AutoPay

2) E-Cheque ~ Cheque information can be submitted through the parent portal, over the phone or in person at our office. *There is no convenience fee applied to monthly tuition processed through E-Cheque.

3. Add your child's information under “Student”.

Now you’re ready! At anytime you may request a new password by clicking on ‘forgot password’ below.

Request enrolment: Available program information for Classes can be found in the filters in blue.

Please note: Class tuitions are monthly. Prices are subject to GST. Autopay/E-Cheque information must be included to process a request. All members are required to have valid insurance. Registration/Insurance fees are non-refundable, valid from September 2019 - August 2020 and will be processed upon your child’s first enrolment approval.

Upon request: We do our best to respond to all requests within 24 hours. Upon approval of your request, we will process your payment and send a confirmation email and receipt of payment.

We look forward to seeing you in the gym!