Parkour & Freerunning Levels 1-2 for ages 10+ (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Lorenzo Sierra Lopez

Level: Parkour

Parkour and Freerunning Levels 1-2 for ages 10+

55 minute class

An exciting class for Boyz and Girlz who are interested in learning Parkour & Freerunning. Parkour is the art of movement using only your body to overcome obstacles with the most efficiency. The art of Parkour incorporates many aspects of health including fitness, safety, mental motivation, self confidence and discipline.  Freerunning is an artistic form of Parkour, less focused on efficiency and more on style. It borrows movements from Parkour with added twists, spins, and flips that create an aesthetically pleasing way of moving. Think of Freerunning like being a painter, the area is your canvas and you are free to paint it with your movements.