Beginner 1 Tumbling (Inactive)

Beginner Tumbling I

At South Austin Elite Cheer, safety is ALWAYS our top priority. Athletes MUST be able demonstrate a mastery of all prior level skills before moving on to the next.

Skills Required by Athlete before enrolling in Beginner Tumbling I:

NO Skills Required


Skills that will be taught in Beginner Tumbling I:

*Right Cartwheel    * Left Cartwheel    *Handstand   *Bridge    *Forward Roll    *Backward Roll   *Round-Off   *Handstand Forward Roll

Skills that will be taught in Series of Back handsprings:

*Standing 3 Back Handsprings   *Round Off 3 Back Handsprings   *Back Walkover 3 Back Handsprings   *Cartwheel 3 Back Handsprings