2020 Spirits Showcase




*Registration is $45 and includes an award, t-shirt & gift

*All boys and girls that are currently enrolled in class at Spirits are welcome and encouraged to participate.

*You must have Active membership status for June in order to be able to participate.

*Leotards/Biketards are NOT a required purchase. If you wish to purchase the leotard/biketard, samples will be available for sizing purposes only. Variable sizes are CXL - AL. The Front Office can you help you size if you are unsure.

*Shorts are NOT a required purchase. If you wish to purchase shorts, sizes available are CXS - AL.

*Matching doll leos are also available.



*Leotard Ordering Deadline: Saturday, April 11th (Leotard $42)

*Show Registration Deadline: Saturday, May 9th (Due to the volume of students, no late entries will be excepted.)



*Please reserve the entire weekend for the showcase. 

*Schedule and time athletes will be performing, will be given after the Registration Deadline.

*Groups will be determined by age, level, and program type.



*Spirits Showcase Leotards/biketards, and shorts are available for purchase. Deadline to purchase is Saturday, April 11th. We ask that athletes do NOT wear their leotards/biketards and shorts until the Spirits Showcase.

*If you did not purchase the Spirits Showcase leotard/biketard and shorts please follow the uniform guidelines:

                      *Tumbling Athletes: Wear the Spirits Showcase T-Shirt and Shorts they received when they signed

                                                     up for their membership.  

                      *Ninja Athletes: Wear Ninja Zone T-shirt and headband

                      *Tumbling Tiger Athletes (Age 2-5): Girls: Wear Spirits Leotard or regular leotard (your own)

                                                                             Boys: Wear Tumbling Spirits Showcase T-shirt and shorts

                       *Galaxy Athletes (Sparkler - SPIRIT): Wear Spirits Leotard or regular leotard (your own)


*Hair must be pulled back in a ponytail.

*Jewelry must OFF.

*Socks and Shoes can go in cubbies or with parents in the stand.



1. When you first arrive to Spirits, please find a parking spot and line up outside. The doors will be locked. 

2. 10-15 minutes before the show time starts the doors will be open. There will be seats located downstairs and upstairs. Handicapped seating will be located downstairs and will be marked off with signs.

3. Athletes must remain with parents/guardians until coaches call them down to the main floor for stretching.

4. Programs will be given to parents/athletes from coaches as they walk in. 

5. Flash photography is strictly prohibited. The flash will distract athletes on the apparatuses. Please make sure your flash is set to the Off position.

6. Take lots of pictures!! 

7. We encourage you to cheer your athletes on. 

8. Parents please be respectful in the stands. This is a children's event and we want everyone to enjoy their time with us.

9. TY animals and other gifts will be available for purchase in the lobby during the show. 



*If you have any questions regarding the Spirits Showcase, please email us at youbelong@spiritsgym.com.