B'Nai Isreal Day Gym Bus 4 - 11:00 am

Instructor(s): Alison Robbins


Experts agree that children who are physically fit and active are healthier and more self-confident than children who do not get regular vigorous exercise. Sun Country Sports Center offers the perfect children's program - The Sun Country Gym Bus!

Our self-contained unit comes complete with professional equipment created especially for the beginning gymnast. And our trained, certified coaches provide an innovative, exciting curriculum in this unique environment. Our mobile gymnasium travels to your child's school or daycare for a convenient, structured workout!

The Sun Country Gym Bus offers the best fundamental child's gymnasium program available today. Enroll now, and we will help produce a happier, healthier, stronger child!


• Full-sized school bus
• Fully padded, carpeted and climate controlled
• Rings, bars, mats, balance beam, ball pit, mini-trampoline and more!