Instructor(s): Erin Wandelt


Children must have recently completed the Learn 2 Swim program or be assessed prior entering a Fun Group.  If your child can swim independently and confidently in deep water, they may schedule a free assessment to determine if they are ready for this group.

We teach children to swim in weeks, not years. That being said, it does take time for them to develop confidence in their new skills. Signing up for a group class is a great way to keep their skills intact and grow their confidence at the same time.

They’ll have fun going down the slide, diving for rings, and become stronger swimmers by participating in activities designed to increase endurance and promote water enjoyment.

It’s also a time where the instructor can assess if there are any issues with swimming skills. If possible, we try to correct issues in class.

If more time is needed, a one-on-one private may be scheduled to help your swimmer stay on track. When your child is continually enrolled in a group class, there is no fee for additional privates your child might need during that session. 4:1