SQUADS (Ages: 6+) WS20

Instructor(s): Jon-Nolan Clingen, Casey Smith, Tracy Sebren, Kaylee Harrison, Angel Giles, SPRING 2020, Colson Maley

Level: Squads



For students ages 6+ who have mastered the goals of Strokes 1. Squads is SwimMaley's non-competitive swim team. Within Squads, there are 3 lanes where students are divided based on skill level. Squads meets once-per-week for 1 hour. Students will refine their strokes, practice swim team drills, learn dives & flip turns, tread water, and enjoy a team environment. There are up to 20 students in Squads, with instructors overseeing each lane.


Required Skills

Basic Freestyle & Backstroke

Completion of Strokes 1


Squads Goals

Advanced Freestyle & Backstroke

Basic Breaststroke & Butterfly

Racing & Surface dives

Tread water for up to 5 minutes

Flip turns