Level 2 (LTS) SEAHORSE - Learning Independence (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Adrian Mate

Level: Intermediate


Able to kick on kicker mat alone.

• Glides to and from the instructor with eyes down and kicks.

•   Kicks to and from instructor in Superman position 

•  Kicks to and from instructor in Soldier position

•   Roll from back to front with little or no help

•    Roll from front to back with little or no help

•    Swims to the bottom of the pool to retrieve rings with assistance

•  Floats on back for 10 seconds unassisted

•  Jumps in independently and turns to back and floats with little or no assistance 

• Jump in with instructor out of pool and turn and float and wait for instructor to pick them up

• Climbs out of the pool independently or with very little help (Ages 2 and up)

• Do crescent moon swims on the stairs

• Jump in, turn around and grab the wall

• Go from Float to sit-up and return to the wall. 

• Comfortable getting rings or dive toys in shallow part of water with face in (depending on age)


*A strong kick is a must to move to Level 3 Sea Turtle. MAY TAKE MORE THAN ONE SESSION TO MOVE TO LEVEL 3*