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Welcome to our Student Portal! Sign up for the Spring Swimming Session (Semi Private, 10 classes) now while you can still get THAT Limited Time good deal! (Classes start around 3/17 - 5/25/2019).

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NOTE: If you can’t make a class time on the schedule already for your Semi-private class level and age group, let us know ANY OTHER class time slot you see that’s still open you’ll see here: https://www.swimurban.com/scheduler.html or on the Iclasspro scheduler, and we can let you know if we can REPLACE THAT CLASS TIME SLOT FOR YOUR PREFERRED CLASS (for your semi-private lessons only) SO YOU CAN MAKE A CLASS! (For instance, replace an aqua baby time slot semi-private session you see at 9 am for your session classes at Bart Church or any location X number of weeks for your Adult or Parent & Child class you want at 9 am instead!)

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Hi, my name is Ivan Gamba. I'm the founder of Swim Urban, where professionals don't wear shoes! I've been a swimming instructor of all levels and students of all ages, from beginners to advanced. I saw the business models of many swimming schools for over 8 years, and I was lucky enough to see all the problems faced by swim students in their learning experiences along with the problems of instructors, who would not teach in the proper methods as well as not monitor students properly to optimize their learning and fix their weaknesses. This led to little student improvement.

Swim Urban rectifies these mistakes by maintaining a swimming instructor staff who are highly trained professionals, with many years experience and ALL having WSI certificates and are CPR Certified to promote student safety. Our instructors are trained to cater to individual needs and not a group, all through semi-private swimming lessons at a fraction of the cost than any other "real" professional school’s offer, while maintaining a small student per instructor number for swimming training lessons!


Refer a bunch of friends to signup for Semi-Private sessions and you can get your sessions for free pretty much! Refer more and we can start paying you in a way even when you're not enrolled! Check out our policy page for more details: https://www.swimurban.com/policies.html.


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