Teens/Intermediate-Advanced Skills - Age 13-17yrs - W 4:00pm

Level: Advanced


Our Teens/Intermediate-Advanced Skills class is designed for those who successfully completed our Intermediate Gymnastics class or those who have had prior gymnastics training and have developed the strength and flexibility to perform a back walk-over and round-off on the floor, pull-over on bars, and be willing to execute front and back handsprings (with or without spot).

Attire: Girls: Leotard with gymnastics shorts and bare feet. Boys: Tight t-shirt with biker shorts and bare feet. All long hair should be tied back. No jewelry.

Note: Please register for only one of the same class per day. For example, if Advanced Gymnastics is offered at 3:30 PM and 4:30 PM on Wednesdays, only choose one for Wednesday. If a class also is scheduled for another day, pick only one time for that as well. Prestige gymnastics is a session-based program; all clients are billed monthly and required to be enrolled for 8/12 week sessions.