Fri 9:30 - Sam - Transition

Instructor(s): Sam

Level: Transition (Ages 2.75-3)

The tuition amount for this class is billed monthly and class meets once a week. Your child's very first class will be a free trial. Call us at 323-227-5582 with any questions!

Ages 2.5-3

The word “transition” is key in this is 45 minute class, because that is exactly what your “almost 3 year old” is experiencing during this stage of development. The goal of this class is to encourage your child to participate while allowing mom/dad to separate and watch in the observing area. Our job together, as the coach and the parent, is to set parameters for the child in regards to social and emotional behavior. Your child will gain the confidence it takes to participate in a class independently while learning many new skills that help with their coordination.

Another focal point of this class is to help the child master sequencing by integrating proprioceptive and vestibular senses. In other words, your child will develop body awareness while utilizing the sense that is involved with movement, balance, and the inhibition of emotion. The goal of The Klub Gymnastics is to give Strength…Self-Esteem…and Success to every one of our students. Each 45 minute class will be filled with fun activities and games. Your child will get to jump on the many trampolines, swing on the bars, ropes and rings, run, jump, roll, cartwheel across the spring floors, and jump and “swim” through the in ground foam pits.