Team - Level 7-10 (Old)

Instructor(s): Colden , Jennifer , Brian , Denise

Level: Girls Team

The tuition amount for this class is billed monthly. Your child's very first class will be a free trial. Call us at 323-227-5582 with any questions!

The Junior Olympic program is the largest competitive program within USA Gymnastics. It requires a great deal of commitment for both the athlete and the family. The Junior Olympic path is divided into two tiers of competition.

The entry levels for J.O. athletes are referred to as compulsory levels or level 2 - level 5. These girls compete a set routine on all four events that is determined by USA Gymnastics. Every compulsory athlete in the United States competes the same routines. The compulsory gymnast competes in a season beginning in late August and culminating at State Championships in mid November.

The second tier in the Junior Olympic path is referred to as Optionals, or level 6-10. The competitive season begins in January and ends in May with Level 10 National Championships. Optional athletes are required to travel more than compulsory gymnasts because they compete against girls from multiple states and regions. Many Junior Olympic athletes are selected to receive both full and partial NCAA athletic scholarships. Junior Olympic athletes train between 12 and 25 hours per week.

The Klub Team is a group of talented, hard-working athletes who compete in United States Artistic Gymnastics (USAG) sanctioned competitions state wide. It is an invitation-only team due to the accelerated learning process. Individuals in this group work out 4.5 – 9 hours a week depending on their competitive level. The technique of gymnastics and dance skills are implemented into the routines they prepare on each event. These athletes train more advanced skills increasing their physical strength, flexibility and mental discipline.