Thu 4:15 - Mayo - Junior Ninja (Ages 9-11)

Instructor(s): Mayo

Level: Ninja

The tuition amount for this class is billed monthly and class meets once a week. Your child's very first class will be a free trial. Call us at 323-227-5582 with any questions!

Junior Ninja begins to introduce students to the various modalities of movement in order to strengthen their individual technique. Students learn to travel from one space to another with coordination and grace while maintaining functional form. Junior Ninjas are introduced to larger and more difficult courses to complete in order to progress into becoming a Power Ninja.

Klub Ninja is a fun new program that provides students a safe space for physical and mental development through obstacle course work with a focus on strength training. We create a structured environment for students to learn to travel through spaces with intent and a better understanding of their environment. Students learn and use a basis of gymnastics to create an individual “Free Form Flow” to find new and creative ways to learn through athletic problem-solving techniques.