Sun 3:30 - Mayo - Power Ninja (Ages 11-15) Group B (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Mayo

Level: Ninja

The tuition amount for this class is billed monthly and class meets once a week. Your child's very first class will be a free trial. Call us at 323-227-5582 with any questions!

Power Ninjas begin to learn more advanced techniques to teach students how to harness flow, the ability to slow the mind down to achieve a designated task. Students learn the mental toughness needed to conquer advanced obstacles courses with more vigorous Strength Training, Obstacle work, and Gymnastics Technique.

Klub Ninja is a fun new program that provides students a safe space for physical and mental development through obstacle course work with a focus on strength training. We create a structured environment for students to learn to travel through spaces with intent and a better understanding of their environment. Students learn and use a basis of gymnastics to create an individual “Free Form Flow” to find new and creative ways to learn through athletic problem-solving techniques.