Thu 3:45 - Sam & Eddie - Boys (9+)

Instructor(s): Sam , Eddie

Level: Boys (9+)

The tuition amount for this class is billed monthly and class meets once a week. Your child's very first class will be a free trial. When it comes to building the strength, technique, and flexibility required to do more advanced level skills, increased practice time and repetition are highly recommended. Ask one of our Front Desk Representatives about signing up for 2 or 3 classes per week at discounted rates! Call us at 323-227-5582 with any questions.


This hour-long class is for students of all skill levels above the age of 9 who have an interest in boys gymnastics apparatus. These classes will provide an enhanced focus on boy’s events, including the rings, pommel horse, high bar, parallel bars, vault, and floor exercise. 


This class will focus on developing the body awareness and body control necessary to the sport of gymnastics while growing a basic foundation on boys equipment. Strength and endurance building will be highly incorporated through the use of conditioning and energy-burning games and exercises.