SeniorGym (2hr) | 11+ yrs | Girls

Instructor(s): Ilona Brunyanszki


SeniorGym  11+ years  2 hours  Drop-off class
Available locations   The Yard Jurong        


These 2hr classes are jam-packed with energy and fun!


Focusing on building fitness, strength and a greater understanding of the core gymnastic elements of the traditional Olympic Gymnastics events vaultbarsbeamfloor, as well as strength and flexibility.    


Our structure curriculum teaches the foundational and advanced skills of levels 1-4 (Australian Levels program) for gymnasts potentially interested in future competitive gymnastics opportunities. For gymnasts looking to boost strength, fitness and rate of progression, try adding a second session.


This program welcomes complete beginners and aspiring competitive athletes.


SeniorGym plays an integral part in preparing and strengthening teen bodies physically and mentally for all athletic activities.



Register at any time... the first month's tuition is prorated based upon your actual start date!