Intermediate 1 8+ Girls Fall 2017

Level: Intermediate 1

Recreational gymnastics classes at Titans are divided by both age and ability. Typically individuals enter at the beginner one level, but due to our individualized progress evaluation they can advance through our levels at the pace most appropriate for them.

Titans Gymnastics Club follows the CANGYM Program. This program was created by Gymnastics Canada for the skill development of introductory gymnastics. It is widely used in clubs across the country and around the world.

Class Levels:

The CANGYM program consists of eleven badges. These badges are divided up over the five class levels offered at Titans.

Beginner One: badges 1 (burgundy) and 2 (red)

Beginner Two: badges 3 (tan) and 4 (bronze)

Intermediate One: badges 4 (bronze), 5 (purple), and 6 (blue)

Intermediate Two: badges 7 (turquoise) and 8 (silver)

Intermediate Boys: badges 4-8

Advanced: badges 9 (orange), 10 (yellow), and 11 (green)