Girls Level 1: (Ages 8+ Yrs) (Inactive)


Level: Level 1

Recreational Gymnastics:

   At TNT we offer traditional gymnastics classes that allow children of all ages, genders, and backgrounds to participate in the sport of gymnastics! We take our progressive curriculum to build on the basic fundamentals and terminology of the sport. Throughout your child's enrollment he / she will be introduced to new positions, equipment, and skills required to progress from level to level. Our coaching staff will monitor and track your child's growth and set up an overall plan for success. 

Girls Level 1: 1 Hour

In our recreational girls program, all students will utilize the 4 main apparatus: vault, bars, beam, and floor. We split the girls classes by age; however, all students will be tracked on the same curriculum. This is considered a beginning level course. Please keep in mind if your child is coming from another sport, we will typically have her trial in a level 1 class. For example, if a child is coming from a dance studio and is proficient on floor and tumbling, but has never done bars or beam, she may still test out in a level 1 class. In order for a child to progress from level to level, they must be showing growth and skill completion on all 4 apparatus.