Elite Tumbling (RED) (Inactive)

Instructor(s): Anna Kirkland

Level: Advanced

At Texas Power Athletics, safety is ALWAYS our top priority. Our certified instructors are prepared to take athletes of all ages and skill levels through the proper progressions necessary for developing both the physical, mental technique and strength needed to perform tumbling skills with confidence, consistency and great execution! Athletes MUST be able demonstrate a mastery of all prior level skills before moving on to the next.

Please see the chart below for more details.


Skills Required by Athlete before enrolling in Elite Tumbling:

All levels of tumbling should be completed before any athlete enrolls in Elite Tumbling. A skill check form is required prior to enrollment. Please contact REC Tumbling Director for more information.


Skills that will be taught in Elite Tumbling:

Review of all basic skills and teaching Whips, Fulls, Double Fulls, Arabians, Full and 1/2 Step Outs, All Front Tumbling and Elite Combination Passes.


Please contact REC Tumbling Director with any questions or concerns regarding any REC Classes, Schedules, Athlete Placement and Skills Check Evaluations.


Best Regards,

TXPA Management

Best Regards,

TXPA Management

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