Harry Potter Camp


Wingardium Leviosa make objects fly, or levitate. 
Imperio - Makes target obey every command.
Expecto Patronum - Patronus Charm

Bring your wand and sense of adventure as you explore the magical legends in this spellbinding camp for young witches and wizards.

Ages 4-15 (multiple classes will be split by age)
Cost: $159 (Materials fee included in price.)

Acting Camps focus on speaking, storytelling, creating characters and team building. Campers will participate in a daily warm up, play theatre games, learn how to create characters using their voices and bodies, and prepare a short recital based on the camp theme. A performance for parents will be held during the last day of camp on Friday.

A snack break will be given half way through. Your child may bring a snack or purchase pre packed snacks.


Parker Theatre reserves the right to split, cancel or combine classes based on enrollment.