Ballet Sat 10:00 (9-12) Studio 1

Instructor(s): Sara Henson

Level: Dance Recreational

Ballet (5+ years old) is the foundation for all dance subjects. Ballet develops coordination, grace, muscle toning, poise, good posture, flexibility, stamina and endurance. Students will learn proper body placement, alignment and technique. Each child will learn terminology in French, correct body alignment, how to improve their natural turn-out and a love for the most graceful living art. Required Attire for Enrolled Students; Black Leotard, Pink Tights, Pink (Full-Soled) Ballet Shoes and Hair in a bun secured with bobby pins.

How to Ensure a Successful Trial Class

1. Plan accordingly; Clothing: Tank Top and Leggings/Shorts are appropriate. Footwear: Socks are suitable. Hair must be pulled back into the closest thing to a bun as possible.

2. Be sure to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time to check in with the front desk and ensure classroom location. Being early is important because this allows time for children to interact with teachers before the instructional time. Please wait outside the classroom for instructors to call students inside.

3. Please do not step inside the classroom for any reason other than asked by the instructor. This can be very distracting for the other students. Refrain from waving, tapping on the glass or trying to get your child’s attention of any kind.

4. Speak with your child’s instructor after the dismissal of class. The instructor will be able to discuss their professional observations and discuss future attire requirements.

Dress Code for Ballet (5+ years old)

• Female dancers should wear a black colored leotard; pink footed or convertible tights and pink (full-soled) ballet shoes. Male dancers should wear a form fitting shirt and form fitting athletic shorts and black ballet shoes. No shorts, skirts or pants will be allowed over ballet attire in the classroom. If attire becomes distracting to the student or teacher, you may be asked to wear something more suitable to the next class.

• Ballet shoes come with an excess of elastic string, teachers will shorten this string and secure within the shoe. This is the correct way to present ballet shoes, please allow them to alter your children’s shoes to decrease the time used re-tying shoes. Please arrive and leave with street clothes over ballet attire.

• Hair needs to be safely secured out of your child’s face in a ballet bun. Ballet buns can be a difficult thing to maneuver, please ask your child’s teacher for assistance and she will be happy to give you all the tips to creating one. You will need to have a few accessories; elastic hair tie, hair comb, hairspray, and bobby pins. Hair is a prop just like any other; it can make or break how well your child will perform in class.

• No dance bags will be allowed into the classroom. A water bottle is preferred inside the classroom. No colored liquids will be permitted.