M Mommy & Me 10 months-24months 5:45-6:30 p.m. Parent involvement

Instructor(s): Maycen Schneider

Baby Beetle Bugs are little ones age 10 months- 24 months WITH mom or dad participating!  You must stay in the gym to watch for restroom emergencies and to assist your child through the obstacles and stations your teacher has set up.

Our instructor will guide your kids through our program!  A great introduction to a healthy lifestyle of moving, bouncing and spending energy each day!  Plus a great way to introduce your child to teachers and meet other friends!

Tuition is $81 per month for 1 day per week,  $121 for 2 days per week.  Great discounts for Autodraft- save $84 per year with checking account and $60 per year.  Call if you need help setting this up!