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Registration for the Fall Term is now closed. Winter Term open enrollment will begin on December 2 for the Winter Term. The Winter Term begins on January 6th (Day Program begins Friday, January 3rd). See our calendar for all dates.

Important Notes:

1. This system works on pop-ups. If you are not seeing class details, please allow popups from iClasspro in your browser.

2.The "shopping cart" times out after 20 minutes.

3. Have a learner who is not in the target age range? Enrolling for the class will create an Enrollment REQUEST. Requests will be processed within a few days.

Handy links:  All About Registration, Registration FAQ,  Day/Time Grid View.

Please call us at 503-597-9100 if you have any questions!

We are happy you are part of our community of families who are happily learning together. We look forward to co-creating community learning with you!