Vision A (6-7 yrs) - Monday 4:30

Level: Vision A

Vision Gymnastics’ Recreational Gymnastics program is for girls ages 6 years old and older. Our program is based on the guidelines set forth by USA Gymnastics and is for the beginner as well as the advanced gymnast.  Athletes will receive instruction on all four women’s Olympic gymnastics events: balance beam, floor exercise mat, uneven bars, and vaulting table. To help build confidence in skills, they will use the tumble trac, in-ground trampoline, double mini trampoline and the foam pits. Our curriculum includes games, stretches, drills, and activities that build the foundation for the gymnastics skills the students require for each level.  The classes are designed to build strength, flexibility, and confidence while promoting teamwork, increasing fitness and teaching basic gymnastic skills. 
Girls ages 6+ years old, who have never had any kind of formal gymnastics coaching, should begin in the Vision A class.  
Our Vision B and Vision C classes as well as our Team Levels 1-10 require an evaluation to enter unless students have been moved up by their current coach.
Girls who have had any previous gymnastics instruction should be evaluated before registering for a class to ensure she is entered into the appropriate level.  Please call the office to schedule a 10 minute evaluation.